Explore Our Timeless Artistry, Rooted in Family Tradition

Marble Art boasts a 30-year legacy as a family-run business, where creativity and craftsmanship merge seamlessly. Founded by self-taught artisan, Howard Owen, and his partner, Claire Owen, in 1993, our workshop thrives in the picturesque French countryside. With a passion for marble sculpting that runs deep, Howard and Claire have infused their creations with a touch of elegance that sets them apart.

Our perfect blend of Tradition and Innovation

At Marble Art, we celebrate the age-old allure of marble, blending it with modern creativity to craft mesmerizing sculptures. Howard's journey as a sculptor has been a labour of love, pushing the limits of sculpting, casting, mould making and finishing techniques to reveal intricate masterpieces. Claire's keen eye for design and attention to detail complements Howard's craftsmanship, adding a touch of grace to every creation. Together, as a husband-and-wife team, they breathe life into the marble, transforming it into captivating pieces that resonate with art enthusiasts worldwide.

Family Legacy, Global Recognition

The legacy of Marble Art extends to the next generation, with their son, Llywelyn, infusing fresh perspectives and innovative ideas. Our family's commitment to excellence has been honed over years of selling directly to customers at markets, understanding intimately what people love and appreciate. Beyond the markets, we have forged lasting partnerships with shops across France and the UK, making our exceptional sculptures accessible to a wider audience. Our dedication to artistry and craftsmanship earned us a coveted appearance on the renowned French lunchtime TV show, Midi en France, showcasing our skill and work to a nationwide audience.

Join Our Artistic Journey

Thank you for joining us on this remarkable journey through the world of marble sculptures. As you explore our catalogue, immerse yourself in the fusion of creativity and legacy that defines Marble Art. From awe-inspiring statues that stand tall as monuments to delicate figurines that capture fleeting moments, each piece carries the essence of our family's history within it. We invite you to experience the magic that lies within the depths of stone, and we look forward to sharing our artistry with you. For inquiries or to place an order, reach out to us on our Contact page.